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Check Valve

Lift Check Valve

Lift check valves control the flow direction of pipeline media, effectively preventing backflow and recoil, suitable for various industrial fields and municipal projects. MORE 》

Check Valve

Swing Check Valve

Swing check valves are effective in preventing backflow of media, suitable for various fluid systems, including industrial, building, and agricultural fields. MORE 》

Check Valve

Vertical Lift Check Valve

Vertical lift check valves are installed vertically to the direction of the pipeline medium flow, effectively avoiding adhesion, deposition, and corrosion of particles or foreign substances on the valve inner wall. MORE 》

Check Valve

Dual Plate Check Valve

They consist of throttling components, valve bodies, linings, and drive mechanisms, suitable for high flow speed and high-pressure systems, compact structure, easy installation, smooth flow passage, sensitive action, good sealing, and long service life. MORE 》

Check Valve

PTFE Lining Check Valve

PTFE lined check valves have reliable corrosion resistance and sealing performance, but are limited in temperature, widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, and pharmaceutical industries. MORE 》

Check Valve

Oxygen Swing Check Valve

Oxygen swing check valves are designed and manufactured according to GB12236 standards, with reliable performance and sealing, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and power industries. MORE 》

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Axial Check Valve

Axial flow check valves prevent the reverse flow of liquids or gases, widely used in wastewater treatment, air conditioning pipelines, industrial cooling water, and other fields. MORE 》

Check Valve

Silent Duty Non-Return Valve

Silent check valves, including swing check valves and lift check valves (moving along the axis), are mainly used in drainage, fire protection, and heating pipeline systems, installed at the outlet of pipeline pumps. MORE 》

Check Valve

Silent Lift Check Valve

Silent lift check valves are improved automatic valves, mainly used in drainage, fire protection, and heating pipeline systems, installed at the outlet of pipeline pumps. MORE 》

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Butterfly Type Check Valve

Butterfly check valves consist of valve bodies, valve plates, valve stems, and springs, mainly used in urban, industrial, and high-rise building water supply and drainage pipelines. MORE 》

Check Valve

Hammer Check Valve

Weighted check valves are common pipeline control devices, widely used in various fluid control scenarios. They operate simply, have reliable structures, excellent buffering and check performance, and are suitable for controlling various media. MORE 》

Check Valve

Tilting Check Valve

Tilt check valves have streamlined fluid channels, low flow resistance, and energy-saving effects, suitable for clean media but not for solid particles and high viscosity media. MORE 》