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Gate Valve

Wedge gate valve

Wedge gate valves are common shut-off valves that use the up-and-down movement of the gate to open and close the fluid medium in the pipeline. They are widely used in chemical, paper, petroleum, power, metallurgy, and sewage treatment industries. MORE 》

Gate Valve

Stainless Steel Gate Valve API603

Stainless steel gate valves offer excellent corrosion resistance, sealing, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, simple structure, and long service life, suitable for medium control in various industrial fields. MORE 》

Gate Valve

Through Conduit Gate Valve

Slab gate valves have good sealing performance, simple and compact structure, low flow resistance, flexible operation, wide applicability, long life, and easy maintenance, widely used in various media and conditions in industrial production. MORE 》

Gate Valve

Bellow Seal Gate Valve

Bellows sealed gate valves have a simple structure, convenient operation, excellent sealing performance, and corrosion resistance. They are suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and highly corrosive conditions, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. MORE 》

Gate Valve

Pressure Bonnet Gate Valve

Pressure self-sealing gate valves achieve sealing through the pressure of the valve itself. They are highly reliable, have good sealing effects, and are easy to operate, widely used in chemical, petroleum, and natural gas industries. MORE 》

Gate Valve

Non Rising Stem Gate Valve

Non-rising stem gate valves have a sturdy connection between the valve stem and the gate, with flexible operation and easy operation. They have a simple structure, strong durability, good sealing, low flow resistance, and flexible operation, suitable for various pipeline systems. MORE 》

Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve

Knife gate valves are simple valves consisting of a gate and stem, offering easy opening and closing, mainly used for switching high voltage equipment circuits, such as substations and switch stations. MORE 》

Gate Valve

PTFE Lining Gate Valve

PTFE lined gate valves are quarter-turn valves that can be used as shut-off or throttling valves, suitable for industries like corrosion, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, and natural gas. MORE 》

Gate Valve

Cryogenic gate valve

Cryogenic gate valves use special materials and sealing structures to ensure sealing performance and service life, providing important safety assurance for industrial production. MORE 》