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Globe Valve

Bolted Bonnet Globe Valve

Conventional globe valves are widely used in production and daily life for pipe connection, allowing flow to be opened or closed at any time. They are convenient to use and have low maintenance costs. MORE 》

Globe Valve

Pressure Bonnet Globe Valve

Pressure-sealed bonnet globe valves achieve sealing through the pressure of the valve itself. They are highly reliable, have good sealing effects, and are easy to operate, widely used in chemical, petroleum, and natural gas industries. MORE 》

Globe Valve

Stop Valve

Stop check valves can control the flow direction and pressure in pipelines and prevent backflow. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, hydraulic, power generation, and municipal construction industries. MORE 》

Globe Valve

Angle Globe Valve

Angle globe valves are commonly used valves with high sealing performance, high pressure capability, simple and reliable structure, good fluid flow performance, wide applicability, and various material options. MORE 》

Globe Valve

Bellows stop valve

Bellows sealed globe valves are essential pipeline valves in industrial production, offering reliable sealing, long service life, strong corrosion resistance, wide applicability, and easy installation. MORE 》

Globe Valve

Non Rising Stem Gate Valve

The design and manufacturing characteristics of Kamailong ball valves incorporate features from both domestic and international ball valves, achieving a perfect combination of new materials, new structures, and new processes. The fixed ball valve employs a fixed shaft (or liner) support, MORE 》

Globe Valve

Oxygen Globe Valve

Oxygen globe valves are specialized valves for oxygen pipeline networks, suitable for liquefied petroleum gas storage stations, refineries, and petrochemical plants, serving as control devices for shutting off media flow. MORE 》

Globe Valve

Cryogenic Globe Valve

Cryogenic globe valves are important shut-off devices, used for shutting off or regulating fluid in pipelines. They have simple structures and good sealing performance, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. MORE 》