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Butterfly Valve

Triple Eccentric Metal Seat Butterfly Valve

The triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve adds an angular eccentricity on top of the double eccentric structure, providing good sealing, strong pressure resistance, light weight, flexible operation, and good regulating performance. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. MORE 》

Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Laminated Seat Butterfly Valve

The triple eccentric multi-level metal hard-sealed butterfly valve has a laminated metal seal ring, combining the advantages of both metal and elastic sealing, offering excellent sealing performance under both low and high temperatures. MORE 》

Butterfly Valve

High Performance Butterfly Valve

High-performance butterfly valves are new types with spherical sealing surfaces, combining the advantages of different butterfly valve structures, providing excellent cutoff performance and durability. They are compact, lightweight, have a wide manufacturing range, and are easy to maintain. MORE 》

Butterfly Valve

Double Eccentric Rubber Seat Butterfly Valve

The double eccentric rubber seated butterfly valve offers quick opening and closing, good corrosion resistance, simple structure, and good sealing performance, suitable for fluid control in various industrial fields. MORE 》

Butterfly Valve

Full Lining Butterfly Valve

Fully lined fluorine butterfly valves are commonly used control valves with corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, space-saving design, flexible operation, low flow resistance, and lower cost, widely used in chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, and power industries. MORE 》

Butterfly Valve

Half Lining Butterfly Valve

Semi-lined butterfly valves are commonly used control valves with excellent sealing performance, wear resistance, easy installation and maintenance, and good fluid control characteristics, suitable for general conditions. MORE 》

Butterfly Valve

PTFE Lining Butterfly Valve

PTFE lined butterfly valves offer strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, aging resistance, low friction coefficient, easy molding, dimensional stability, and a wider temperature and pressure range. MORE 》

Butterfly Valve

Oxygen butterfly valve

Oxygen butterfly valves are shut-off devices for oxygen pipelines in the metallurgical industry, with strict requirements compared to general valves. They offer good sealing, light and flexible operation, safety, reliability, and long service life. MORE 》

Butterfly Valve

Cryogenic butterfly valve

Cryogenic butterfly valves are commonly used control valves for low-temperature fluid systems, with simple structure, small size, and lightweight, making them highly valuable in low-temperature pipeline systems. MORE 》