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Triple Eccentric Metal Seat Butterfly Valve
Triple Eccentric Metal Seat Butterfly Valve

Triple Eccentric Metal Seat Butterfly Valve

Design Standards: API6D, API 607,API 598,API 609,ASME B16.34, ASME B16.10,ISO 5211 etc.
Size Range: NPS2~NPS48, DN50~DN1200
Nominal Pressure : CLASS150~CLASS600
Connection: Flange,Butt clamp, etc.
Materials: ASTM A216 WCB,ASTM A352 LCB, ASTM A350 LF2 , ASTM A351 CF8, ASTM A351 CF8M, ASTM A182 F316, ASTM A352 LC3 etc.
Applicable Temperature: -29℃~425℃
Applicable Medium: Water,Oil,Gas etc.
Operation: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric,Hydraulic etc.


1. ISO 5211 Top Flange: The top flange is used when the valve is in bare shaft, which is used for installing actuators. The size of the top flange is strictly in accordance with the international standard ISO 5211.

2. Dynamic Packing Loading System: In the leakage of the valve, it is traditionally concentrated on the leakage of the valve seat, that is, the internal leakage, while ignoring the leakage of the packing, that is, the external leakage. In the packing seal and other structures to prevent external leakage, the design of the spring washer is adopted to keep the packing always in a compressed state, and constantly release the elastic force to the packing, continuously releasing elastic force to the packing, so that the packing maintains a long-term seal and extends the packing maintenance-free period.

3. Anti Blow-out Design: Prevent the internal valve stem from being pressurized, and the valve stem rushing out of the valve.

4. Friction Free Design: The application of the triple offset structure reduces the friction between the sealing surface of the valve disc and body, so that the disc can be quickly removed from the seat when the valve is opened or closed.

5. Bi-Direction Sealing Design: Bi-direction sealing is achieved, which can bear pressure in both positive and negative directions. This series could reach zero-leakage requirement when bearing pressure in both positive and negative directions.

6. Replaceable Sealing Sets: The sealing sets can be replaced. Since the butterfly disc, sealing sets valve seat and valve body are independent, the butterfly disc sealing sets and valve seat can be replaced at the same time. When the sealing surface or valve seat of the butterfly disc is damaged, only the sealing sets and valve seat need to be replaced, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost, maintenance man hour, and maintenance difficulty.

7. Seat Insert Material: The seat insert is forged with all-metal alloy steel, which has the advantages of anti-scour, wear-resistance, high pressure and temperature resistance and long service life.

8. Fire Safe Design and Structure: Metal to Metal Seat structure makes valve fire-safe and meet the requirement in API607.

9. Disc Pressure Distribution Pattern: For the disc, the formed high pressure area is basically concentrated on the front upstream face of the disc, and gradually decreases to both sides in the middle until a low pressure area is formed on the back of the valve plate, and the pressure reaches the minimum. Due to the large fluid pressure it needs to withstand during use, the disc is prone to deformation, which reduces working reliability. Therefore, it is often necessary to design reinforcing ribs to increase the strength of the disc.

10. Torque Sealing: The valve can maintain bi-direction sealing performance from beginning to end. Sealing is achieved by the torque provided by actuator but not medium force, which ensures reliable sealing performance under both high and low working pressure. The sealing performance test complies with API 609, ISO 5208 and other standards.